We wrote this in 2009:

"Using the 'green' approach has become widely misused in marketing strategies and has been well overused in general.  In fact, it was voted the number one word that should be banned from the English Language after topping the 2008 list of most used words of the year.  The thing is, it's not going anywhere.  Soon it will become very clear who is taking advantage of being 'green,' and who believes and practices green.  This belief is at Alkire's core and we prove it with every project constructed."

And it's still here; if you care about your product, this is now the norm.

-Buildings use the most energy of the entire CO2 pie.

- Buildings use 40% of the total energy consumed in both the US and EU.
- When built correctly, buildings can save up to 40-50% of total energy use.  This savings is more energy than all cars use combined!


Homeowners can save hundreds, and up to thousands of dollars each year depending on their level of commitment, if they take the time and effort to build an efficient home.  If you plan to build a home or a business center, ask us about methods to take advantage of the new technologies there are to build green.

Alkire Construction recommends all residential projects to be rated by
Austin Energy Green Building.